29 January 2013

Latest obsession

Okay so if you know me you know what i've been up to lately...watching youtube videos!!!!  I've always been an avid youtuber and i love watching all the funny videos on the internet but lately i've been into another genre of videos....BEAUTY VLOGS!

Errrmagerd! Its like WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS! I love watching the beauty tutorials and makeup reviews, haul, and empties.  I've learned so much about makeup and how to apply it and to never be afraid of drugstore makeup!

Unfortunately for me all these reviews are making me buy all the makeup. My makeup collection has grown significantly since i started watching these videos four months ago. So i luuuurve the makeup!

I've also kind of been inspired to either write a blog about makeup that i've bought and start a review of my own (an engineer learns to be a girl...haha). Mandi and i decided that we needed one day a week to do fun things so we're going to pick DIY things off of pinterest and film them. This is going to be awesome because it will force us to actually do things on pinterest and see exactly how good these DIY tutorials work out. haha  well thats what i'm up too...

oh and did i mention i'm taking 19 credits and i'm interning for a company that makes night vision goggles?! yeah thats happening. haha

Here are two of my all time favourite youtube beauty gurus:



27 November 2012

i love gifs

Gifs are quite possibly one of my favourite parts of the internet...ever. Today, ladies and gents i present to you some of my favourite gifs of all time. If you dont know what these are, i suggest you go to Netflix right now and start your arrested development journey. Trust me, you won't regret it.

26 November 2012

if you're horrible like me and you cant accessorize...

so like i said earlier i'm an engineering kid so i struggle with fashion sometimes. i love picking out outfits and bags and shoes but when it comes down to the nitty gritty i suck at accessorizing. i usually rock my nixon watch and a couple of rings that i always wear (true love waits, and CTR) but other than that i'm really bad at picking out cool jewelry.

today i was cursing the pinterest circuit and i found this, its awesome! have no fear the necklace is here!

20 November 2012

confessions of a jean snob

All growing up my mom took us to shop at stores like JC Pennys and Macys. Not a bad thing if you have three kids to go school shopping and you're poor, its awesome you can get everyones clothes for in one store and for a decent price. 

So i grew up wearing jeans with random names like Arizona brand and Angel and Mudd. I was little and I didn't really care what brand my jeans were as long as they looked "cool" ( i put cool in quotes because i totally owned a pair of jeans with the leather lace up instead of a zipper...ewww).

Enter 19 year old kellie off in her first year of college. i had a really great friend who just happened to be gay and we used to spend a ton of time together and this is where i really started to pay attention to what i wore. i'm an engineering student so that should tell you a little about my fashion mindset, i didnt really give a crap. so i quickly learned alot about lines and colours and jean cuts and i was addicted to watching shows like what not to wear and popular youtube blogs by people like
William Sledd. And that is where i began to lust after a pair of designer jeans of my own.

I bought my
first pair of designer jeans from a thrift store and i fell in love. From then on i decided never to wear a pair of jeans that weren't designer.

Fast-forward to present day. i live in Utah and i am dirt poor because i'm saving all my money so i don't have to work my last semester of engineering school. I was left with two pairs of jeans left and one of them ripped beyond repair. i almost cried. i now was left with one pair of sevens and no money to buy a new pair of jeans. what did i do? i compiled all of my old clothes and took them to a thrift store in hopes of making a trade for a new pair. No such luck, my clothes added up to $20 and some change and there was not a designer jean in sight.

So ten minutes later i find myself wandering around Macy's with $20 dollars in hand. Admitting defeat i stumbled upon a
decent pair of jeans, that weren't really jeans but jeggings and decided to buy them.

 They ended up being a little over $20 which was nice but they were nowhere near the quality of a pair of Seven for All of Mankind or Hudsons. And then i was reminded why i didn't buy jeans like this...ugh.

i just have to make it through 5 more months of engineering school and a new pair of designer jeans will be mine...first world problems. :'(

12 July 2012

the benefits of living by your boyfriend

i know this is my second post in two days but come on guys cut me some slack, i don't start my job until monday!

somehow i always manage to end up in relationships that are long distance. until recently, my current boyfriend lived in utah and i lived in arizona. its hard when you're in a long distance relationship because you don't ever get to spend time with that person, sure you Skype or FaceTime but lets be honest, thats NOTHING like having a real boyfriend.

now i live 20 minutes from my boyfriend and he works in the same town i live in! its crazy! i like having a real boyfriend, THEY PAY FOR STUFF! i also like going on real dates where you go out and do things! i also LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that sometimes your real life boyfriends bring you presents and leave you notes!

being in a real relationship that doesn't suck is FREAKING AWESOME! i also can't get enough of just doing nothing with him, its the best. you can just sit in the same room and do nothing but its 1000x's better than doing nothing by yourself because you're with someone you love!

life in the 1141

after a one year stint of living completely alone i am back in an apartment with roommates! i really did miss having roommates, just the fact that you know that if you choke in the middle of your sleep or accidentally get locked out of your apartment there will usually be someone there to help you is quite the comfort. 

one thing i forgot about is what it is like to live with people who don't share the same cleaning/organization habits you do. right now i don't share a room with anyone (such a blessing) but that will soon change in the fall when everyone comes back for school, i'll handle that problem when it gets here, but for the mean time i have another problem. sharing a bathroom. girls are gross, in my time i have seen very few that clean their bedrooms and even fewer that clean their bathrooms.

i like to be organized and clean and being not organized/clean drives me nuts. enter the girl with whom i share a bathroom with. she's a 20 year old art major. not any specific type of art, just art. so right now there are just the two of us sharing a bathroom, not too bad right? well, when i moved in i noticed that she didn't even bother to clean the bathroom and i thought, "oh great, she's never cleaned this bathroom" so i swept the floor and sure enough, i dont think it had ever been swept, she's lived in this apartment for a year. GROSS!!!!! so i decided to do a little compare and contrast secret photo mission to share with everyone.



you bet your bottom dollar that's a scrunchie that she rocks from time to time!


09 July 2012

goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend

there comes a time when we all must say goodbye to something that we love. for me that is my favourite pair of jeans and shoes. i've had so many good memories in these items and i tried my best not to have to ever let them go (including a 4 hour pinterest search for re purposing old denim) but sadly i must say goodbye. Goodbye first pair of designer jeans that i found at a buffalo exchange and goodbye first pair of vans classics that i wore on my first day of college. you will never be forgotten, thanks for the good times old friends.


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